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I am ill

I had a day off last week because I had a head cold, and I thought that was it. Had a wonderful weekend (went to see Spamalot at the Palace Theatre, it was fabulous!) and I thought I was better.  But yesterday I started coughing, and today I can barely swallow. My ear is blocked, and when I cough, it burns in my chest. Yuk.

I’m ill, there’s no getting away from it. So I’ve sent instructions to the office on what to do while I’m away, and I will be trying to take it easy. But I’m rubbish at putting my feet up. I don’t like to waste time, so I daresay I’ll find lots of useful things to do while I’m ill.

Anyone else ill?


Hello WordPress!!

As a 20Six blogger who has been sad and lonely over at her other blog, I open my arms and embrace wordpress for the first time. I’ve seen it in action and have been impressed, so here’s to learning something new, and to my new home.

I started blogging in the first place because I wanted to share my experience of suffering from vertigo (hence the reference to spinning in the title of this blog, too), but things have moved on a bit since then!!  

Spaniel xx