Chesty Cough

Not a name for a porn star!

My cough is worstening. I have been producing shades of nastiness from the cough, and it hurts when I do so. My peak flow dropped to 280 last night, which I was extremely impressed by because I’ve never had such a low reading! My best is 440, so my lungs were not being very efficient. Two doses of Ventolin and it shot up to a massive 380. (Still not fabulous for an evening reading). I know I have a chest infection. I am not looking forward to the next few weeks. I’m fine if I don’t speak. Just called the Dr’s surgery and they can fit me in on Monday if I still need it. I bet I still need it. The conversation gave me a coughing fit. Nice.

Trouble is I’m sooooo bored. I watched three episodes of Cold Feet, three quarters of The Rock (great film!!) and I’m bored bored bored. Trouble is, I can’t really do much other than watch TV.

I’m going to see Mum now. She’ll feed me and talk at me for three hours so I can save my voice.



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