Remember Remember

I went out to a Fireworks Display at the local park last night in case someone hurt themselves and needed my first aid kit. I know I shouldn’t have, what with the chest infection – but it was only an hour or two and I didn’t get cold.

I wondered, as I stood with maybe 2000 people watching the firework display that lasted all of 15 minutes, and watched to see whether the bonfire with 35 feet of flames on top would set fire to the nearby tree – what percentage of the punters actually knew what they were celebrating tonight.

I ruminated on this point for a while, was distracted for a moment to consider exactly how much accellerant the organisers had poured on the bonfire to get it started (10 litres of unleaded??), and then decided that the figure was likely to be well under half of all those in the audience. How sad.

On another note, I do love kids at firework displays. One child in his father’s arms, ignored most of the display and kept pointing at the moon!! His dad was quite frustrated, and constantly moved him round to face the fireworks again. When he spotted a firework exploding into green stars he said “green!” and his dad was happy. But then, every subsequent firework was met with the same enthusiastic word – no matter what the colour was. He he he. You have to laugh!!

At least no-one injured themselves on my watch. 


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