Week 8

It seems I had not weighed myself accurately last week – the Kilogramme marking on my scales isn’t very clear on the dial, so I’ve started looking at the imperial dial, which is easier to see. It turns out that I had in fact put on another pound during my holiday week, making the grand Christmas gain 1.5 kg (3lbs). Still not too bad.

Anyway, this week I’ve lost that stray pound, and I’m certainly back on track again to make up the short-fall. I’m glad to be back in the routine.


1 Response to “Week 8”

  1. 1 anotherblogger 15 January 2007 at 12:41 pm

    glad to see you’ve got this in perspective and aren’t all “oh no, I’ve gained a bit of weight, my life is ruined, my diet is ruined, I’m a total failure” response but rather the “meh, this is insignificant in the bigger, long term picture” reaction that is the more productive and the more likely to lead to success.

    I’ve been watching my sugar intake and doing running and have lost (drum roll) 200g in a week.
    In other words, I may just have emptied my pockets of change before I stepped on the scales the second time. But to be honest, I’m not watching what I eat like I should be, I’m just cutting out refined sugar and the running is more abotu cardiovascular fitness than about weight loss.

    Good luck spaniel and keep at it

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