Cars, they’re for driving places, right?

I have never had an emotional attachment to my car. I haven’t ever named a car I’ve owned, nor ‘personalised’ the interior with fluffy dice and chrome gear-knobs, nor have I ever strewn the parcel shelf with soft toys, cushions or rabbits-in-hammocks. A car is a car to me. I don’t care about alloy wheels, body-coloured bumpers, electric windows, spoilers or air-conditioning. When I look for a car, I want a wheel at each corner, power-steering and something that’s easy to park that doesn’t need much cleaning. When I got my latest car – my first ever brand new one – I swooned at the fact that it didn’t let in water, and the almost fainted at the luxury of a decent in-car heater that reduced ice-scraping time. 

I have a basic model, 2005-registered Ford Fiesta Finesse, and all I need it to do is work when I want it to, and get me from where I was to where I want to be. As long as its got all that, I’m very easy to please.  Imagine, then, how impressed I was when my friendly Ford car-salesman phoned me last week to tell me I could upgrade to another brand new car with lots of extras on it for very similar money to my current one. (I’m on ‘Options’ you see – I pay so much a month, and then I can give it back, swap it or buy it after three years).

I told him that I didn’t really need any of the extra gadgets, and I wasn’t really bothered – but he invited me over to have a look and see what we could come up with.  I took badger with me, and he drooled over the specifications in the brochure while Mr Salesman cross-checked and recalculated. I wasn’t very enthusiastic at all -but for just £20 extra a month, I’ve ended up with a higher specification Fiesta, with electric windows, air conditioning, heated windscreen (nice! No ice-scraping at all!) foldy-in wing-mirrors, rain sensitive windscreen (whatever that is), and a special Ipod connection to my stereo. I think I’ve done rather well, there.

Now all I need is an Ipod.


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