Cultural Shirts

I went to a cultural awareness meeting today. It was quite interesting really, although, inevitably, we started discussing religion and those with very strong beliefs started to get a bit ruffled. I hate arguments, and my role in life is always to be the mediator – so I just had to intervene. Other than that it all went well, really.

Another subject we got onto was that we British do not like discussing how much money we earn or how much we paid for things. This is not the case in other countries. Have you noticed how we never discuss how much we paid for something – unless it was a bargain?

We’ll never say “Look at this shirt – it cost me 45 quid”, but we’ll quite happily tell the world and his wife that “Look at this shirt. Fiver! Bargain!”.

Anyone got any ideas why that might be?


5 Responses to “Cultural Shirts”

  1. 1 Moobs 22 January 2007 at 9:45 pm

    Depends on the circles you move in. Many of our friends (the bloody sharks) won’t tell you how much their stuff costs but they will mke sure you see it. It is as if watching you try to guess makes their greedy little pulses race.

  2. 2 hoverfrog 23 January 2007 at 9:33 am

    Shirt. Five quid. Bargain. But where’d he get it?

    I think that it is seen as boasting, a horrible pastime unless it’s about sexual prowess ;). Nobody likes to hear people boast but everyone loves a bargain.

    I have strong beliefs. Fancy an argument? I had a full half hour argument the other day for the price of a five minute argument. Bargain!

  3. 3 anotherblogger 23 January 2007 at 11:41 am

    it is a form of boasting and normally we frown upon boasting. Actually I think most people frown upon the “five quid! Bargain!” conversations, too but people can’t help themselves, I suppose.

    I’ve never been keen on people who like to show off their wealth, either. If I see someone in a particularly flash car or outfit, my first thought tends to be: “oh my, YOU like to spend money on yourself, don’t you”.

  4. 4 hoverfrog 23 January 2007 at 12:22 pm

    Boastful men boast with expensive items because they are compensating for having tiddly todgers. I, on the other hand, eschew all material possessions.
    Maybe that’s the answer, the “look at me! I’m keen to show how little I spend” is really a “look at the size of my one eyed trouser titan, isn’t he a beauty”. But maybe he’s lying.

    It would explain why men tend to be much more boastful than women.

    Personally I’ve nothing against boasting except that excessive boasting or excessive modesty can be awfully tiresome in other people. One upmanship really does annoy me as well. Then again, I’m easily annoyed.

  5. 5 drunkenspaniel 23 January 2007 at 8:39 pm

    Yes I think you’re right about the boasting.

    Moobs – I think you’re right there too about those people that like you to notice just how much money they’re spent.

    Frog – I have strong beliefs too, but I’m far to laid back to argue properly. I all too easily see another person’s point of view. We’d have to argue for free…..

    Another blogger – thanks for dropping by again! Yes the flash gits are annoying, but I think Mr Frog has a point about the one-eyed trouser snake…..

    He He!

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