Cakewatch week 12 – too much icecream

I remained the same weight this week as last week. 7 days have gone by and nothing is different. How could this be???

Two reasons. Firstly, I’ve been drinking ginger-beer (my favourite) this week – which contains lots of sugar, when I would normally have had sugar-free drinks. This has upped my calorie intake unnoticed. Last night, I suddenly realised I’d drunk 300kcals extra!!

Secondly, I’ve forgotten to keep track of the fat content of things, and I’ve just gone by calories – and that’s been my downfall.

Or rather, the ice-cream has been my downfall.  I love ice-cream, and I’ve been very good since I started watching what I eat, and I’ve been rationning it. I now only have 100g instead of half a tub, so that’s good – and well within my calorie allowance. What I’d forgotten is that 100g can contain anywhere between 9 and 16g of fat!!!!


Better luck next week.


1 Response to “Cakewatch week 12 – too much icecream”

  1. 1 Feathers 12 February 2007 at 7:49 pm

    The fat free ice-cream is no substitute either is it?
    tasteless with a lumpy texture, no smoothness of good ice cream with bursts of flavour in every gob full. I’m not helping am I ? ;o)
    My downfall is crisps.
    Start afresh tomorrow… or the next day…
    Good luck!
    Make yourself listen to Chris De Burgh every time you weaken… hang on. That might not work. Listening to Spaceman… eating cookie dough ice cream….heaven..
    sorry… I’m going….

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