Getting Hitched

I have three weddings to attend this year. The first one was a colleague of mine who got married in a 12th Century Abbey in the Midlands. Lovely surroundings, and a nice, relaxed atmosphere about the whole day. On Saturday my best and oldest friend gets married in Kent in another civil ceremony at a country mansion house. I’m looking forward to it!

Later in the year Badger’s aunt Mildred gets married to her childhood sweetheart – the man for whom she left her husband a few years ago. Friendsreunited has a lot to answer for.  New husband-to-be has no name. I simply call him Mr Charisma to be ironic, because he seems to have no personality. This will also be a civil ceremony, and a second marriage for them both. 

So, would I, a ‘racy’ divorcee, marry again?

People have asked me this before, often when the breakdown of my own marriage wasn’t a dim and distant enough memory, and I always answered something like “No, I’ve done that once, now – I don’t have a burning desire to do it all again.” Truth is, I have too many painful memories, even now.

So as my friends experience that magical feeling of saying their vows and promising their lives to eachother, I remember how wonderful it felt at the time, and how truly awful I ended up feeling a few years later. Even so, I got married for all the right reasons, and I don’t regret doing it – even with the gift of hindsight.

So, then – would I do it again?


But it would have to be for the right reasons.

**** Stop Press!! ***** (Added 2nd April).

After witnessing Saturday’s wedding, I’m feeling a lot more positive about the idea of remarrying. I think I’ve found good reasons…. watch this space.               xx 


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