Dear MSN

Dear MSN,

I have just checked my email on your popular website, and have been faced with a number of headlines that were no doubt supposed to tempt me to linger on your homepage, and explore the hundreds of articles and videos you’d like me to read while I can be bombarded with advertising.  Some of the headlines designed to tempt me were: 

 “Has Britney Spears had Liposuction?”

“Has J-Lo joined John Travolta’s Cult?”

“Actress Admits she was too skinny”

Guess what, MSN, I resisted. It wasn’t difficult, because I have absolutely no interest in any of these stories. I can’t recognise a celeb from the lady wrapping my sandwiches in the deli, I’m too busy doing important work which requires common sense, intelligence and good problem-solving abilities. 

Frankly I feel insulted that you consider that someone like myself could give a rat’s arse about what Britney Spears is doing right now.  And don’t get me started on Katie Price and Peter Andre.  I caught a trailer on one of the TV channels that was trying to tempt me to watch some bloody awful programme all about them, but they were wasting their money.

Anyway, MSN, I appreciate your perseverance, but you just aren’t going to make me care about any of these people. Sorry about that.

I’m off to do a SuDoku puzzle now.

Spaniel xx  


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