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I Miss Broadband

……. I really do. This dial-up is taking forever, and god only knows what its costing me.

Tiscali tell me it could be up to three weeks before my service is restored because ‘there’s an exchange problem’. My understanding of the ‘problem’ is that some so-called engineer needs to go to the exchange and flip a switch over. How does that take 3 weeks?????

Meanwhile I’m still paying for broadband I’m not using. Where’s the justice in that? 


Moving on…

We’re in our new house now, and its starting to look like home already – even though it was only Saturday that we moved in. Its a lovely house which has obviously been very recently refurbished, and we’re reaping the benefits – which is wonderful.

Its also my last day in my old workplace tomorrow. I have not had the chance to wind-down at all. I’ll probably still be working until 5 tomorrow, too – but at least I can leave with a clear conscience!

I can’t wait to start my new job, and have an easier, less stressful life.

Mind you, we’ve got to start planning the wedding soon, too.

 It never stops!

More later…..


I’m a bit out of it at the moment – I’m moving house.

I’ll update you very soon!

Spaniel xx

Ask the Expert

Yesterday I went to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon about my dodgy ankle.

I have some nice X-rays of my foot here with me as a souvenir, but in a nutshell, I need an arthroscopy, which is where they’ll look inside the joint and find out what’s left of it, and how much damage the last 10 years of falling over on it have done.

If that is straight forward, I’ll need 2 weeks to recover. If they find arthritis in the joint, they’ll treat that, but it will take me 6 weeks to recover. I’ll need to be on crutches. Lovely.

Once they’ve done the arthroscopy and I’ve recovered, we’ll know what the second operation is going to be. Best case is a small ligament repair, worst case is full ankle reconstruction, which will result in being in plaster for 8 weeks……..

I’m SO not looking forward to this. Especially as I’m starting a new job in 3 weeks.

Mind you, he was clear that if I don’t do something about it, I will end up randomly falling over, and eventually I’ll fracture something – which would be far worse.