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Merry Christmas


It looks like I’m going to have my reconstruction just before Christmas. I don’t know exactly when just yet – but it will hopefully be within 14 days of Christmas. With a bit of luck, I can probably go back to work on 14th January 08, and be out of casts and splints in time for Madame De Douche’s (see Castlist) wedding at the end of Feb.

Well, that’s the plan, anyway.

If you can see the picture at the top of this post, there’s a line indicating the ligament that I don’t have in my left foot any more. The surgeon removed all the bits of it that were floating or wedged in my joint 3 weeks ago. As a result, my ankle dislocates as easily and as as much as is shown in the drawing. Nice.


V Good

Did anyone go to the V festival in Chelmsford?

I did.

But I didn’t go for the music. Oh no.

There’s nothing quite like watching people eating chinese noodles while the smell of bleach and piss wafts past you on a warm, damp afternoon…….

But I had a great time.

Wedding Cake Watch

Regular visitors will know about Cakewatch – my ongoing weight-loss programme. I was doing really well, and in the 6 months between November 2006 and May 2007 I lost over a stone and a half or approx 9kg. I was pleased with what I had achieved, and was well on my way to my goal of losing 30kg.

In May and June 07, lots of things in my life changed, and took my attention away from eating healthily through July while I was on holiday and finally into August when I had ankle surgery. I have not been particularly mobile for two weeks, and eating far too much. I got on the scales this morning and I’ve put on 4lbs.

Time to take action.

I have 19 months until my wedding, but I will want to be looking for a dress this time next year – so I’m giving myself 12 months, or 52 weeks. I know that for about 12 weeks within that time I will be immobile again when I have my second operation, so I need a new plan!

Welcome to Wedding-Cake Watch!!

 wedding-bell.jpg   As of today I have 3.5 stones to lose, or 49lbs, which at a loss rate of 1 to 2lbs a week should not be a problem.

Valentines Day 2008 is my half-way mark. I hope to have lost 24lbs by then.

I’ll keep you posted!

So, what next, then?

I’m recovering well – but my ankle keeps reminding me that I’m not as recovered as I think I am. I can’t stand for long, as my foot gets sore and swells – so I’m trying to spend as much time sitting down as I can. My ankle joint is more loose than ever – I have to be very careful.

As for the update with the surgeon, I will need an ankle reconstruction. There is no getting away from it. I cannot afford to fall over again, either – so I must wear my brace when I’m walking anywhere.

Stitches out Tuesday, and then take things easy until such a time as I can get another surgical operation. Wish me luck.

I feel a bit of a fraud. While it really is a crap ankle, and everyone medical is sucking their teeth and telling me how much care I’ll need to take, I just want to get on with things. I don’t feel ill, and I don’t really feel any worse (apart from a tender spot on top of my foot where they stuck the tools in) than I did before the operation.

I know I mustn’t do myself any further harm, and I must allow myself time to recover, but life has to continue too! I’ve been off work a week, and I’m going nuts!!!

Post Op

I’ve been in, had the op, and I’m back home.

I have a dyed pink left foot (the remainder of the disinfectant they painted on for the procedure), an adhesive dressing on the top of my foot where it meets my leg, and a pair of crutches.

I was glad that I recovered from the general anaesthetic (GA) without throwing up, because when I had one back in 1990, I was sick before I could open my eyes. It was nasty, and I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat! I didn’t feel worried before the operation at all – I knew I was in safe hands and that Badger was waiting for me to return. I was even giving contracts advice to the anaesthetic team before they put me out!

When I came round I could feel lubricant in my throat (they coat the tube with this when they pass it down your wind-pipe), and the sticky reminants on my lips of the gluey tape with which they secured the tube to my face. I started to come round about 4pm, and hour and 20 minutes after they took me in and gave me the GA.  

I had to eat something (a cheese and pickle sandwich with far too much pickle in it!) drink something (water or tea) and pass urine before they would let me leave. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t ready to leave until all these things had happened anyway. I hadn’t eaten since 7.15am, so by the time by sandwich arrived about 5pm, I was more than hungry.

But, when my system diverted its reserve blood supply to my digestive system for the first time since the surgery, I started to feel faint and had to lie down again. It wasn’t very pleasant.  I finally left the hospital about 7pm ish, but I was exhausted again by 10, and went to bed.

As for the results, well, in short, my ankle is knackered. I have arthritis, a lot of internal bone and ligament damage and I definitely need an ankle reconstruction. Unfortunately, this will not fix my problem for ever. The surgeon tells me I have just about the worst dislocating ankle going – I win a prize for the greatest degree of dislocation with the smallest amount of force, and obviously my surgeon has a lot of similar patients to compare me with. Today I saw the scan picture – you can clearly see a big space between the bones when he moved my foot sideways. Not good at all.

Still, he’s cleared all the floating debris out (bits of ligament and bony stuff), plus he’s smoothed off the cartilage in there, so the next op should have a good starting place. For now, though, I still have a dangerously unstable ankle, and that won’t change until after the next operation happens.

I’ve just got to concentrate on getting back to walking again, and I’ll see the Surgeon next Tuesday for more information on the future plans for this foot.

I’ll keep you posted!