Stressful Munching

Cakewatch is not going well. I have got myself into a good, low-calorie routine for most of the day. I can get through work on about 400 kcals without even noticing, because I’ve been so busy. No time for a proper lunchbreak, so I eat on the go, and that’s fine. But work has been quite stressful, and it has often gone on longer that I had planned for it to, so my evening meal tends to be late, and then I’ve got the munchies…..

Hence I’ve stacked on 2lbs in the last few weeks. I hate it. Its going to stop now.


1 Response to “Stressful Munching”

  1. 1 daffy 6 October 2007 at 8:51 am

    The blessed munchies! I get them, mainly on a Sunday though. My husband has informed me that he may take drastic steps to chain the fridge and pantry for this forthcoming Sunday. I’d better get a stash started. :o)

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