It was the fairies, honest, guv….

It has taken me several days before I could bring myself to post this little gem. I’m still laughing now. I was interviewing for carer-supervisors on Friday, and as the consummate HR professional, I hadn’t read anything about the job, the candidates, the proposed questions – nothing,  before I sat down with the rest of the panel, 5 minutes before the off. I like living on the edge, me. Fortunately my blagging-chip has never failed me yet.

I made some ammendments to the sadly lacking interview question sheet provided by the interviewing manager, and off we went. The recruiting managers, I realised, appeared just as terrified about the interviews as the candidates. Whether the candidates knew this, I don’t know – but I could see that the managers weren’t conducting themselves with confidence. Anyway, I digress.

Our fourth candidate was a lady called Dot. She was a large woman, real salt-of-the-earth with bleached-blonde hair and a very common accent that wouldn’t have gone amiss on Eastenders. She’s currently a carer, and loves her job. As she spoke, I noticed on her left hand, she was sporting a bright red watch with ENGLAND emblazoned all over it. Hmmm. This alone was not a problem, of course, but the next answer was:

Interviewer 1 “What do think makes a good team?”

Dot “Dunno, really.”

Interviewer 1 “OK, well, what needs to be there for a team to work?”

Dot “Well, it just sorta happens, doesn’t it? On its own. ”

Spaniel “What, like magic?” (I was so shocked, my question came out like this!!)

Dot “Well, yeah. I suppose it does. ”


But it got worse….. She then went on to say that teams didn’t work if they were all-women, that you had to have a few men around too, but lastly – and my all time favourite – was:

“Really, you have to have brought up kids to be any good at this kinda job”.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was lost for words.


2 Responses to “It was the fairies, honest, guv….”

  1. 1 hoverfrog 10 October 2007 at 11:23 am

    I draw a little box in the top corner of the interview sheet. It has three tick boxes in it.

    Can do the job?
    Will do the job?

    She’d get no ticks. That’s quite rare because you usually get at least one from the CV or application form that is used to shortlist for the interview.

    I think interviewers should have an “EJECT SEAT” button for people who give “Dunno” answers or for people who smell.

  2. 2 drunkenspaniel 10 October 2007 at 4:45 pm

    Ahh, Mr Frog, I don’t have a very good sense of smell, so I’d miss noticing the smellies…… But some kind of trapdoor/pit full of snakes affair would be fabulous.
    I’ve a feeling I’d get a bit trigger-happy though…..

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