Bonfire night = Chest Very Tight

I’ve summed it up in the title really.

All that smoke and chemical debris floating about in the atmosphere means that within the space of 3 hours I’ve aged about 20 years. I’m wheezing, I have to make a conscious effort to get the air I suck in right down into the bottom of my lungs, and I’ve got a dry annoying cough as I breathe out. My chest feels like there’s a heavy weight upon it, and I’m becoming tired very very quickly……

This is bonfire night, when we celebrate the foiled Gunpowder Plot, and hundreds of asthmatics have to up their medications while many get admitted to hospital.

Spare a thought for us, won’t you. 



2 Responses to “Bonfire night = Chest Very Tight”

  1. 1 Booger 6 November 2007 at 8:30 am

    I’ve never thought of that before. Ever. If it’s any consolation, I spent Saturday night at a fireworks display staggering around in a haze, blinking myopically and gasping for breath. But it was bought on by seven bottles of Magners, so I’m not after sympathy.

  2. 2 Moobs 7 November 2007 at 3:01 am

    As a Roman Catholic I always feel somewhat queasy about bonfire night in any event and avoid it.

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