In my limited experience, I’ve decided that a person’s biggest asset when it comes to doing anything, is confidence. Belief in yourself that you can get through and do something, is just as important as whatever skills and knowledge you have.

I have been on a course recently with both written and practical elements, and those people who were not convinced of their own ability from the outset were much more likely to struggle in the practical. Its difficult to aquire confidence if you aren’t a naturally confident person – but practice makes perfect. Just having the front to be able to take control of a situation, gives out good vibes to others that you can be trusted, and it bounces back to boost you up further. I’m not describing arrogance or big-headdedness here – I’m just talking about quiet belief in yourself. Here’s an example.

Dee is a small, quiet lady in her mid-30’s. She’s very capable, but does not believe in herself as much as she ought to. She was asked to take charge of a group of 4 others to complete a task, and it would be her job to organise what would happen, give instructions and see the job through. In her first sentence to the team she began, in a quiet voice with: “Right, we’re going to try and roll this over…”  The team were disjointed by the rest of her instructions, and the task was completed, but not as smoothly and efficiently as it might have been.  

So I said to Dee -“We’re not ‘trying‘ to do anything here, tell them that we will do this, and see what happens”. So she did. “Right” she said, somehow in a louder voice “We are going to roll this over. Is everybody ready?….” 

Second time around, it worked a treat. Somehow the positive vibes that Dee was giving off were received and reflected by those around her, and as the team responded, Dee’s confidence grew a little. It was only the use of the language that really made a difference here, but it just goes to show how important that can be.

Spending time telling yourself how awful its going to be when you fail, is not going to help you succeed. Saying “I know I can do this – I’ve done something similar before, and that went OK.” is a good start.

Hold that thought.   


1 Response to “Confidence”

  1. 1 Moobs 28 November 2007 at 5:01 pm

    You aer so right. Faked confidence rapidly become real too.

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