On Expedition….to the kitchen


Well, its 9 days since my foot was operated on, and I remain in a plaster cast from just below my knee to just above my toes (see picture above). I continue to be non-weightbearing on this foot, and its very likely I will remain this way until the end of the month. At least.

Everything takes me twice as long as it would normally, and the thing about having to use crutches is that you can’t actually carry much. It feels like a full-scale expedition every time I need to make a drink or something to eat from the kitchen. Its exhausting!

I can’t have my foot lower than waist level for more than 5 minutes, either, because it starts to swell and feel uncomfortable, so I tend to lounge on the sofa, propped up, with one foot on the arm and the tv remotes and phone close to hand. I have spent my days watching TV (but there’s a limit. Daytime TV is made for idiots, and the more I watch it the more annoyed I am becoming – so I have to ration it a bit!), reading, and occasionally getting upstairs to the computer to surf the internet and catch up on emails.

For someone like me, who is constantly on the go, active, always organising things and always has so much planned, this is the worst torture. Enforced rest will do me good, yes – but mentally I’m starting to wane. Doing almost nothing can be as stressful as doing too much.

Anyway, if you’re interested, I’m reading:

Northern Lights (also called The Golden Compass if you’re American) by Phillip Pullman. Its the first in the His Dark Materials trilogy, and the moviemakers have produced a film which has just been released over here. I thought I’d read it before I watched it. I might do a brief review of it once I’ve finished it.

The Afghan, Fredrick Forsyth. FF is one of my favourite writers, I know I’ll enjoy the book if he’s the author, and this one is no exception. I’m about a third in, so might have it finished by the weekend (I’m pacing myself). Again, I’ll let you know.

Hope all is well for you people who are still hastily arranging final Christmas presents and events. Best wishes to you all.

Spaniel xx 


1 Response to “On Expedition….to the kitchen”

  1. 1 hoverfrog 21 December 2007 at 1:44 pm

    Oh dear, that sounds like a trial.

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