Psychic Spaniel

I’ve joined in a fun game with Mr Frog, predicting things in 2008 as though I was some mystic old dog (who says I’m not??!!) or a Celebrity Psychic.

Its a simple game.

Here are the rules: Make five predictions about world events in 2008: political events, natural disasters, celebrity gossip, etc. Predictions should be things that reasonably might or might not happen; totally obvious predictions such as “The sun will continue to rise in the East” and “Saturn will not crash into Jupiter” will not be accepted. However, credit will be given for partially correct answers, since the celebrity psychics do that when they score themselves. Credit will also be given if events can be interpreted to fit the prediction — ditto.

So, I’ve had a think, and have gone for the slimmed-down version (just 3, I can’t think of 5!!)

1. Sharon Osbourne is found to have a serious illness which she feels the world needs to know about via all the women’s magasines possible. Cue headlines such as ‘Shazz’s Haunting Pain’ on the front covers of all those hideous glossy mags that I loathe and detest with a passion.

2. Jeremy Clarkson has an accident that puts him in hospital and impairs his ability to broadcast on TV. I’m expecting it will be something terribly un-macho like he falls whilst hanging a curtain pelmet in the master bedroom of his Oxfordshire home and dislocates his shoulder or hip. He’s incredibly embarrassed as it didn’t involve a motor vehicle at all, and he can’t take the latest Supercar round the track on Doctors’ orders for a while.

3. Tony Blair is found doing some exceptionally well-paid job, which is blatantly money-for-old-rope, and an excuse to get out to all the best parties but he is forced to make out its really really important to world peace or the economy or the environment (or all of the above). 

Think you can do better? Why not make up your own and post them in comments here or with Mr Frog….

Spaniel xx 


3 Responses to “Psychic Spaniel”

  1. 1 hoverfrog 6 January 2008 at 10:59 pm

    Sharon Osbourne has clearly been crazy for some time. You might be right about a physical cause and you’re definitely right about the glossies touting it for months on end.

    If Clarkson is pushed down the stairs would that count as unmacho? Maybe if he was pushed by a small child or a poodle.

    On Blair though, isn’t that what he used to do?

  2. 2 drunkenspaniel 7 January 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Frog, I don’t want to commit myself to the exact nature of Clarkson’s downfall, my pyschic predictions are far too expensive and vague for that…..

    Blair, yes, but can he get away with it twice????

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