As you know, I’ve been on crutches for 5 weeks, and am likely to remain on crutches for another three. I am now sporting a giant plastic grey boot on my left lower-leg, making it look like I have a square foot. Before this I was in a plaster cast, but the point is the same: I am temporarily disabled.

It has given me an interesting insight into disability, and it has made me aware that other people feel like they should be helping, but don’t really know how to. I have to say I feel quite heartened by the number of people who helped me, got out of my way, gave me their seat, picked up things I’d dropped. I had expected people to turn the other cheek, to leave me to get on with it – but most people didn’t. Others looked at me, and wondered what they could do to help, but couldn’t figure out what. It made me smile.

The best thing you can do is keep out of my way, and be a little patient. It takes me a long time to get through that doorway, but I will get there if you let me.

But I do appreciate it.

However, decorative floortiles, however pretty, are incredibly slippery when wet. And very dangerous to me. I was very scared as I gingerly picked my way down the steps at the station. The lift was broken, but they apologised for any inconvenience.

Oh, and reminded me with a computer-printed sign that the steps were ‘slippery if wet’.



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