Getting Fat

Regular readers may remember that I lost one and a half stones last year, and was feeling pretty good about it. Then I got engaged, snapped my ankle good and proper, got a new job and moved house, and my routine was destroyed for a while. I lost no more weight, but I didn’t put more than a pound or two back on, so things were OK.

In the run-up to Christmas I went into hospital for my ankle operation and I was rendered immobile for about 4 weeks. So with Christmas and a severe exercise drought, I’m pleased to say I only put on 7lbs.

So, now that I’m getting back my routine, and can walk (after a fashion) again, the weight has got to go. I want to lost 4 stone in the next year so that I can be a much nicer size for my wedding in March 09. Its perfectly achievable, and I know this because I’ve managed it before. So. Day 2, and all’s well.

Last night I watched Jamie Oliver’s programme called Eat to save your life . I was heartened by the fact that the majority of the subjects on the show had terrible eating habits compared to me – I cook pretty well in comparison to their fast-food and fried diets, but was still surprised by some of the revelations. I didn’t realise that fat infiltrates all parts of your body – your muscles, your organs, everything, or that people who appear to be in good shape can have lots of dangerous fat hidden away round their organs and be totally unaware of it. So even skinnies need to eat healthy.

It didn’t help my willpower, really, though. I’ve already decided to watch what I eat again. I always have enough willpower when I set my mind to it.

But nothing will make me eat wholegrain pasta or wild rice. Nothing!


1 Response to “Getting Fat”

  1. 1 hoverfrog 18 January 2008 at 11:30 am

    When The Hildy and I were as poor as church mice we lived off rice, pasta and potatoes. They were cheap and provided basic nutrition. 16 years later I still cannot stand to eat rice or pasta without lots of other things added in.

    Good for you on the healthy eating though.

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