Makes you wonder

Eric, Badger’s Mother’s Fiance (see castlist), collapsed suddenly and was rushed to the London Chest Hospital on Saturday. He has had a serious heart attack, so the heart surgeons have put a stent (little metal mesh tube thingy) into one of the main arteries to his heart muscle to keep it open because it was completely blocked off. He had no warning, is fairly fit and active, and is only in his early 50s. He told us he had no warning of it – it just knocked him down. He’s never smoked, and has no family history of cardiac problems.

While Eric is apparently only 15 stone in weight, he carries it all on his tummy in what most people would describe as a beer-belly. Other than that, he’s fairly slim. He likes his food and his beer, but I wouldn’t say he was hugely unhealthy.

And what occurred to me was: I weigh more than 15 stone, (OK not much over), but you’d definitely say on looking at us that Eric weighed lots more than me.  How can that be?????


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