“This one’s useless, throw her out”

Regular readers will know I work in Human Resources. I have had to deal with a spate of people just lately who are deemed by their managers to be ‘not up to the job’.

They come to me and tell me their tale of woe, about how X is terrible at their job, or how Y just isn’t working at the level we want, and how Z is just never here. In the old days I wanted to hope that their managers had given them a fair crack of the whip, that they had inducted and supported their new member of staff and now, sadly, things just weren’t working out……

But no.

X has been working with us for 8 months (8 months!!) and now his manager has decided his conduct is dreadful and there are about 4 complaints from service users about his methods. The manager hasn’t really tackled him on the issues, though X does know about them, but he doesn’t know what he needs to do to improve because his manager hasn’t explained it properly.

Y made it clear at her interview what level she was working at, and her manager was quite happy to appoint her at the time! She doesn’t know what she’s done wrong – all she’s aware of is her manager keeps telling her off and she can’t seem to get anything right.

Z? Well, Z just isn’t at work enough. Since October he’s been in work about 14 days. I think he’ll have to go.

As for the others. Maybe. But not yet.  

We can’t just chuck people out of employment because we don’t like the look of them. This isn’t an angling competition!


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