Dear Veet…

In an attempt to enhance my beauty regime, I decided to buy a pack of your ‘berry’ hair-removal wax-strips ‘for face’. I should mention that I do not have a facial hair problem yet, and I would like to keep it that way by removing the three or four little hairs on either side of my top lip which aren’t visible to the general public but that I know are there. One day when my hormones stop being produced in such great quantities, I do not want to look like the bearded and moustachioed women-librarians in my local college.

I opened the package, to reveal a selection of little wax strips which resembled small, thin adhesive-dressings, to warm ever-so-slightly, peel apart and stick to the area of my top lip in need of depilating. I am then advised to quickly remove the said strip, wrenching the hairs from their folicles and getting on with my life, safe in the knowledge that the furriness of my face is all in the past.

But no. I am simply left with a pink, sticky mess around my mouth, looking like I’ve been eating strawberry Angel Delight out of a shallow dish without a spoon. Following repeat attempts, I now smell distinctly of forest fruits, my skin is sore and I still haven’t removed a single hair. It has also taken me ten minutes and a rough flannel to remove the pink wax from my face, and I’m now getting rather cheesed off with the whole idea.

I’ll put the £5 I wasted on this useless product down to experience, and buy a razor instead.


Spaniel xx 


2 Responses to “Dear Veet…”

  1. 1 blue soup 4 March 2008 at 4:01 am

    tweezers are the way forward!!

  2. 2 Kevin Charnas 6 March 2008 at 2:37 pm

    HHAA!! and ow. I’m sorry…I can’t imagine doing that…and neither can my back. Although, I think that my neighbors might appreciate it before Summer comes.

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