Dear Miss N

Dear Miss N,

Considering the attitude you had to your work and fellow colleagues, one would be forgiven for thinking you’d be quite pleased to have been released from your contractual obligations, though I quite understand that being dismissed never feels like a positive experience at the time. I also accept that you felt the need, due to your woefully inadequate understanding of computers, to appeal the decision to terminate your contract. When you knew that you would be facing a hearing to state your case to stay in employment, or else, to justify claiming compensation from the company, you should have concentrated on the facts of the original case, and any mitigation you might have been able to produce in order to save your dignity. However, you instead decided that distracting the panel with a poorly-constructed grievance would suffice, and that, my dear, is where you let yourself down once again.

Having had the original decision to dismiss you upheld by the appeals panel, you persisted with your grievance, which was foolish. In my considered opinion your grounds for complaint are childish, badly thought out and smack strongly of playground tantrums and sour grapes. You have nothing to gain from this escapade but causing more chaos and disruption in your wake, and since you have chosen to pursue it, I cannot see that there is any other reason for you to do so, but to hurt as many people as you can.

The gentle people you left behind, who tried to like you, and did their best to tolerate your sullen and obstructive behaviour, are the ones who suffered most. They are exhausted and cynical, tired and broken. They were not the best managers in the world – their fault is that they tried to be nice when they should have been harsh. You should be ashamed at your behaviour, and remorseful about the pain and suffering you have caused – but I fear that you care about nothing and no-one but you.

One day you will learn that what you give out you get back.

Good luck, Miss N. You will need it, where you’re going.

Yours sincerely,




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