I wish to make a complaint….

All I did was ring BT to find out where the equipment they had told me they’d ordered for me had got lost, as a month had gone by and I’d seen not hide nor hair of the thing.

If they’d told me that they had forgotten to order it, and it hadn’t yet been sent out, I’d have been OK with that. I wouldn’t have even been annoyed – I’d have got it ordered and been on my way.

But No.

BT went to great lengths to take a fairly amenable customer, who so far had been really happy with their service, and piss them off so much that they made a formal complaint. I made 5 calls to BT altogether, and one to a courier who had never heard of me. I got cut-off twice, re-routed 4 times and sent on a fool’s errand once.

I’m not easy to piss off, but, my, was I angry by the end of it.    

I’m now waiting for the trained apologist (or whatever) from customer service to ring me in connection with my complaint, so I can tell them, in a constructive way, what they should be doing about their service.

I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, has anyone got any BT horror stories?


1 Response to “I wish to make a complaint….”

  1. 1 Jason 20 April 2008 at 8:52 pm

    I have no shortage of BT Horror Stories, as I deal with them in a professional capacity through my work. In fact I could probably start a separate blog just to rant about BT!

    To be fair to BT though, some of what they’re crap at isn’t their fault, and OFCOM have a lot to answer for in splitting up the company this way so that it doesn’t function for the end users, some but by no means all!!

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