I haven’t been here much lately – I don’t suppose many of you have missed me – I’ve never had much of a following here, but I like writing my things, and so I do, whether there’s anyone out there or not.

But things have been tough for a few weeks, not least because I’m processing redundancies again.

Never a good experience. Ushering good people out of jobs they love, simply because we can’t afford to pay them any more. As much as it isn’t about the people, it so is. No matter how many times you tell people it isn’t their fault – that they’ve done nothing wrong, they can’t help but feel its personal. And I understand.

They can’t help thinking that I don’t care, and that somehow I want to make them feel bad.

But I don’t.

I don’t argue with them, because its part of their grief, shouting at me.

But it hurts me too.

It does.

I’m a person too.


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