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Filling time?

I went to the dentist this morning.

Its amazing how much time has elapsed since I was last there 13 months ago. 13 months. Wow.

They’ve got a new extension to the practice.

They’re making far too much money.

I’m not scared of the Dentist, but I am marginally suspicious of their motives.¬†Their sports cars tell me that there’s more to their caring nature and code-speak than there first appears. ¬†

Anyway – the Dentist, Mr Peach, (who should have a picture on his ceiling to look at while you’re lying back in the chair of destiny) told me that he was ‘concerned’ about several areas of enamel in strategic points in my mouth, so he sent me for a few X rays.

I will never know whether the Xrays were truly necessary, but I went along with his game, anyway.

2 out of 3 areas were absolutely fine after all – but one area looked a bit ‘concerning’ and so I have to go back for a flling.

I’ve asked for a white filling this time because its near the front of my mouth, and while the molars remind me of knackered old cars in a scrap-heap, my front teeth look fine, and I’d like to keep it that way, thanks.

So I’ll be back in January for the second episode.

God knows what that’s going to cost me.



Is doing all your christmas shopping on-line just cheating?

Or should I have to fight my way through the shopping centres, the screaming children and the unpredictable old-folks in order to appreciate the full magnitude of christmas?

You tell me……….