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Think you know someone?

Odd things have happened lately which have got me thinking.

As a good psychologist I know that people change depending on the company they’re in, which makes it difficult for anyone to truly know another person. The more time you spend with someone in a variety of different situations, the more you get to know them.

Sometimes you think you know someone, but you end up being shocked by something they do.

  • Badger’s cousin T suddenly hanged himself aged 35, ending his battle with clinical depression and debt that none of his family knew anything about. He had always been the most level-headed ‘together’ guy we knew.
  • My friend L, a quiet family man who was sacked ffrom his job for fraudulent expenses claims, sky-high mobile bills for sex-chatlines and hardcore pornography on his laptop.

Sometimes you think you know someone, but you end up being shocked by something that other people think they’ve done.  

  • D, a quiet and studious man, accused and arrested on suspicion of rape by an 18 year old girl who got drunk, followed him home and fell asleep on his lounge floor.   
  • W, a lovely, kind, caring man with children of his own who spent his life caring for others accused by a man with mental health issues of touching him when he was a boy.

Sometimes you don’t think you know someone very well – but you end up being shocked by how much you do know about them, and how much they have confided in you.

My friend A, a genuine, funny, sensible, insightful and caring leader of people. I have spent very little time with him, and yet, when bad things happened in his life and he cut off all communication with his friends and colleagues, for some strange reason he continued to speak only to me. I only very recently realised I knew him better than anyone.

People are amazing.