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Changing Room Chuckles

I love it when you go into the ladies’ changing rooms in a department store when they’re busy. You can hear lots of hilarious conversations going on between disembodied voices, but you can also have extra fun with the lady who checks you in and out.

Like I did yesterday.

I went in, whilst the place was in chaos. There was no check-in lady to be seen, so I went in, tried my items on, and on my way out, there was the check-in lady.

“Any good?” She asks in that despairing way that only changing room check-in ladies can.

“No thank you” I said, handed her the items and strode away.

“Errr. ” She said. “Where’s your disc?”


“Where’s your disc?” she motions to the items in her hand “Fer these?”

“I didn’t get one” I said.

This is interesting, I think to myself. What kind of powers does a changing room check-in lady have? What’s she going to do about this situation, then? Will I be arrested?

She’s looking at me with a face that seems to say “Could she have stolen something? Does she look dodgy?” She eyes me up and down. I am wearing my work suit, I have a hand-bag and little else about me. Her face brightens.

“Okay then!” she says, and turns away to her racks.


The front line of store security.