Hello 2012

Hi everyone. I apologise for being away for so long. A lot happened. I had a molar pregnancy, and that meant (unfortunately for me) that I had to have a course of low-level chemotherapy to kill off a weird non-cancerous tumor that was fooling my system into thinking it was a foetus…. Nature is very interesting. More interesting when it’s happening to oneself….

Anyway, in my usual style, I dealt very positively with the whole episode, including the week in the cancer-ward at Charing Cross hospital, which I will describe as living with the dying. It puts your life into focus, certainly!

Anyway, shit happens to everyone – its all about how you decide to deal with it.

So, following a very busy year, and more recently a little Christmas break from work, I feel the time is right to come back and write.

Facebook is all very well, but I find myself needing something else. Without the bloody annoying people that make up a lot of our lives. Oh they’re nice enough, these people, but they’re mainly stupid.

Yep – still a pedantic snob. Don’t care!

Hope there’s still someone out there who might want to read what I want to say. Let me know.



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