What’s all this about then?

I should write a book about my life in HR. I think people would think this commetary on my life was a bit too far-fetched to be about real-life events, though. But the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Let’s look at today’s highlights, then:

1) Tales of the Dead Dog being buried by candle-light just prior to Christmas.

2) The guy who took us to court – and got a reasonable payoff sends a heartfelt christmas card to our CEO.

3) The man who only did 5 days work and then didn’t come back has decided to try and tap us up for a fortune at Tribunal (there’s no justice).

4) Lucy Cruise-ship (manager) sends long email complaining about how half her staff haven’t bothered to come to work because they’re “sick” on the first day back. Where is she? Why, she’s at home in Kent because “there’s such a long tailback on the QE2 bridge” so she’s decided to be absent too…. Marvelous role-model….

5) The lady who has decided to come back to work today after declaring mental health issues and having 6 weeks off because her sick pay is coming to an end, but she hasn’t been signed fit by her Doctor…..

What a lovely day!! Happy New Year.


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