No magic wand

“But if I check that my member of staff is ok, they’ll probably accuse me of bullying them.”

Yes. They probably will. When I tell you what you need to say, you’ll write it down and take it away…. but when you say it to them, they either get offended or upset, or they won’t believe you’re telling the truth. Why is this?

“How come you say exactly the same things as me, but your way is right and my way is wrong?”

Yes, I know. The fact you can’t work it out speaks volumes. Its not so much WHAT you say, its just as much HOW you say it. You’ve got to be sincere, empathetic, understanding, firm and confident, but able to adjust your approach and tone depending on what the other person brings.

And I can’t teach you that. I can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (metaphorically, anyway), but I cannot teach you how to read other people, and put yourself across to them in the right way if you don’t already have that ability.

I might be the Bad News Fairy, but I don’t have a magic wand.


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