The Truth – an introduction

The truth is… I spend a lot of time interviewing people about specific events that have happened in the past, and also, events that are going to happen in the future (i.e. people starting new jobs). Over my fairly modest 16 years of doing this, I’ve developed a rich catalogue of observations covering many topics. But one of the most fascinating ones is this idea of “telling the truth”.

The truth, when you say it like that always sounds like a singular, perfect account – and the difference between truth and lie is binary, like flipping a switch : up = truth, down = lie. And yet even a small child knows this is not correct. There are always shades and grades of truth – how else then can we explain that several people witnessing the same event could describe it so differently and yet each be certain of their authority on a matter they witnessed with their own eyes?

I could talk at length, but I won’t right now – you’d only get bored, so I’m going to split my various thoughts into several posts over the next week or so. But the first topics to look at are how storytelling changes the truth and also how our own personal experiences and memories change how we tell the truth about something.

Speak again soon xx


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