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Crisis of Blog

I love my blog, even though I’ve neglected it of late. It is a good release of “sensible” writing that is different to the somehow disposable Facebook posts I write pretty much every day. When I first started a blog, back on the 20six platform about a hundred years ago I had several things to talk about. Firstly, I was newly separated from a husband I did still love, but had to escape from, and so I had a new life to begin. Secondly, I had lots of time on my hands to reflect, formulate and craft my posts. Thirdly I had quite a lot of emotion and illness to put down and I was never that bothered about reaching any kind of audience at all. I wrote it, pretty much as an online diary. Some very kind people from all over the place commented and were supportive. And that was nice.

These days, life is very different. It’s much more positive, I have way less time to write as my days are filled with life, I’m less emotionally wrecked, less ill (though I still have my moments) and I am now confident in who I am. In short, I’ve grown up.

And with that, I find myself a little lost in what I’m doing with my blog. Should I just archive this whole thing, close (as it were) the book, and start afresh somewhere else with a new purpose and a new look? If so, what theme have I got to motivate me to write? On the other hand, do I just amend what I’ve got here, keep the archive, draw a line and then start with something new with the next post?

I just don’t know.

Am I expecting anyone to answer? Do I think anyone cares? I’m not talking to anyone but myself here. Probably.

What, these days, sums up what I’m interested in?

  • People and how they work together in teams, how they are led and managed
  • Language, writing, communicating, the English Language.
  • Teaching, training, developing others
  • Medical stuff

I think that’s it.

It doesn’t look very impressive now that I’ve written it out.

I need to think about this.