Who is this Spaniel?

I’m English and I live about 35 miles from Central London. I like writing, and love the English language, I have a sarcastic sense of humour, and I like to make sure I don’t take myself too seriously. I particularly like a good rant. I am also an observer of people, and I am genuinely interested in humans and the way they interact.

I work and volunteer with lots of people. In office hours I work in Human Resources (don’t glaze over, I’m one of the good ones!) and out of hours I’m often volunteering to teach first aid and patch people up for a well-known charitable organisation. I also have a family, made up of a husband (called Badger), a dog (called Dog) and a young daughter (called Bella).

What’s with the spinning theme, then?  

I originally started writing a blog way back in 2003 because I wanted to discuss my vertigo (a spinning sensation), and there didn’t seem to be a lot out there about it in the press. Things have moved on now, and my episodes of dizziness are less and less frequent. I had a rethink in 2016, some 13 years after my original post, and realised that the title still fits. I still have the occasional episode of vertigo, but these days the spinning is more descriptive of my life – I’ve been metaphorically plate-spinning for longer than I can remember. Not just spinning plates which represent different parts of my life, but also at work, I always have to keep multiple plates in the air at once. I don’t drop much!

I’m still spinning, you see….

One day I will write a book. It will sound like fiction, but it will be fact. You couldn’t make up most of what I’ve seen and heard!

You are welcome to contact me (unless you’re trying to sell me something) here: drunkenspaniel@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading!



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