Who’s who guide to people featured in blogposts up to the middle of 2016

Spaniel – that’s me. I’m the one with Vertigo.

Badger – that’s my other half.

Dave – that’s my brother

Lara – that’s my sister

Simon – that’s Lara’s Husband.

BastardChris – that’s my ex-husband. I haven’t seen him since October 2003. Hooray!!

Arthur – that’s Badger’s Dad

Madame De Douche (MDD) – That’s Badger’s mother. Don’t even get me started.

Eric – That’s MDD’s husband.

Chavboy – That’s Badger’s brother.

Al – that’s my friend who is very wise in the ways of computer science, but who seems constantly perplexed by human emotions. He’s a real nerdy scientist-type, (think Commander Data from Star Trek) but I quite like him, provided I don’t have to eat in restaurants with him. Or talk to him face to face too much.

Dog – that’s my dog. He’s a springy black labrador.

Bella – that’s my little girl.


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